Saturday, March 31, 2012

Microaggression? asian?

I'm asian ! Born in Australia 1st generation ! I constantly get asked by people...

Stranger: "So where are you from"
Me: "I'm from Sydney"
S:  " No no no no i mean where are you born"
M: "Australia"
S: " No no no no ... i mean arent you Chinese?"
M: "Yeah when did you come over? "
S: " I was born here..."

                  Or some variation thereof...

Its not just me ! It turns out that many people get just as annoyed as me. Actually now it doesnt bother me as much anymore but i love how people coy around the issue and what they say.... Where are you from, Where is your family from, What is your ethnic background, Your english is very good when did you come over... and lots of other funny variations.

Have you had similar experiences.... or have you made a blunder?

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