Monday, March 26, 2012

Favourite Apps

Only a few months ago i would have laughed at people who say they were addicted to their smartphones, now i just sigh and hug my smartphone tighter. At the moment my favourite apps are

6. Evernote- I have heaps of post it notes and this is now the electronic version.... more notes to ignore

5.  Tripit- I'm a bit of a lazy person with my holidays and this app puts together all of my details of my trips from emails.

4.iRunner- For those who dont have a Crapple and have Shitdroid instead this is a poor version of Temple Run, but its sooooo fun !!! I love being a battery and absorbing energy !


3. Angry birds Space- Admittedly i've just started this a few days but omg its fun !!


2. DrawSomething- I've got a few colour packs and drawing very vague things or just cheating and writing the word, its a fun world.

1. Smurfs Village- I'm at level 19 (slow starter) and i'm addicted to being the Mother Smurf and taking care of my little brood of smurfs.

So what are your favourites?


  1. I looove evernote, use it everywhere

  2. lolz i love it too... it makes me have a semblance of a tidy mind